Sunday 8 February 2015

08/02/15 - Old Robins Calendar

I had to find some images that I took years ago of exotic Australian fruits and plants for a calendar supporting The Outback Spirit Foundation.  I had forgotten how interesting these photos were.

Its funny how my visual taste has changed over the years and I would probably shoot these differently now.  Maybe a variety of backgrounds with a bit of texture?  Food photography has become so popular now and there are endless ways you can photograph them.  Like on an old chalkboard, or an old table, a granny tea party……bright colours and geometric shapes, anything!

Nevertheless, shooting on the plain white was the brief that was required and I remember I loved it at the time.  Following a client brief is always a challenge, especially if you don’t have the same taste or vision.  That is half the challenge, I always find, and that's what keeps my job interesting.  I must admit,  I do sneak a few extra shots in and most of the time the client ends up using that one!

Anyway, thought I would share these cool shots.

Thanks x

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