Wednesday 30 January 2013

30/01/13 - Surrey Houseware

Had a great job today for Surrey Housewares doing some shot of their paper salad bowls and platters.  What a great idea, don't have to remember your salad bowl when you leave the BBQ or wash it.  Just throw it in the recycle bin.  Available in Coles.

xx Cat

Saturday 26 January 2013

26/01/13 - Australia Day

Yay happy Australia day.
Every year we have a family reunion on Australia day and yes being a photographer you would think that I would have some great candid moments of every one .........well maybe not this year.  Once again distracted by being at the original family house in the bush, with all sorts of old rusty junk lying around.  Texture paradise!
I think every time I am there I see something new and at least 2 images seem to make my calendar each year.
So here are a few from this year

xx Cat

Sunday 13 January 2013

13/01/13 - Calendar 2013

Every year it is such a hard decision to choose only 12 images from all the 1000's of texture, closeup, colourful, crazy abstract photos I take for myself. I do try to choose a variety so here are my picked ones for this year plus a few others I couldn't resist.
xx enjoy














Sunday 6 January 2013

06/01/13 - Welcome 2013

Firstly, welcome to my new website. Yes I have finally done it. Thanks to some of my motivated and inspirational friends.
I will have all the official stuff on the website but we can have some fun here in the blog!

Also you can connect to my facebook, pintrest, instagram, twitter and my old blog, all from here. How exciting! All my creative adventures and secrets so get ready here we go..............!