Tuesday 7 July 2015

07/07/15 - Farm

OMG I am in texture heaven!

My parents are farm sitting for some friends… Can I just stay here for ever?!!

Where do I start? What should I do with so many photos? It will take me forever to edit these…hmmmm. Need to come up with some new ways to use these photos. I feel like I'm just taking the same kinds of photos over and over again. I cant help myself, it's like an addiction… arrrrrrr! Maybe I need to research alternative printing techniques or different editing effects.

I get inspired all over again whenever I look at the photos I have taken, but then I need to work out what to do with them all. I think its great to focus on what I love but I also want to evolve as an artist. 

I have been watching early episodes of Supernatural and they have these really cool, harsh and quite contrasty blue tones. Might have a play with  that. What do you think?